How to apply FMC samples and data

Any researcher who needs access to samples and registry-derived data shall according to Finnish Biobank Act §26 & §27 send a written request to the owner of the FMC samples and data, the Biobank Borealis.  ESIS may provide assistance to researchers in design of scientific studies and assist them to file the request for access, as well represents the Biobank Borealis in the project management and data processing including combining the FMC data with the project specific health data, collecting the final research database and handing it over in an unidentibiable form to the researcher.

Access can be granted to research plans that pursue high scientific quality and impact, are performed in an ethical manner by reputable researchers with an established scientific record and the material requested is available for sharing.

The application shall include:
Full name of the researcher/researchers
Affiliation and scientific qualifications of the principle investigator
List of the researchers involved in the project
Research plan
Timetable and funding
Ethical aspects of the project
Short public description of the project and requested samples and data

The Scientific Steering Committee will evaluate all sample and data requests once a month.   The Scientific Steering Committee evaluates especially the scientific level and ethics of the research, the amount of material requested, criteria for selecting the samples and the resources of the research project. Main criteria for approval of research project is that the Material requested is available for sharing, the project proposal does not overlap with on-going projects and the requested data and analysis plan do not compromise the confidentiality of sample donors.

In case the laboratory method designed for the analyses is a new assay that has not been used for FMC samples, the Scientific Steering Committee may request a pilot study before the final statement of the sample application. If pilot samples are required these will be supplied by Biobank Borealis and the pilot study is conducted as services provided by ESIS.