The Finnish Maternity Cohort (FMC) is a biobank comprising virtually the entire population of Finnish females, who have been pregnant since 1983. FMC is linkable with population-based health registers including the Finnish Cancer Registry and the Medical Birth Register. Linkage of FMC data and samples with pathological archives of Finnish Biobanks provides an opportunity to expand the scope of research into interaction of biological and genomic factors in association with various diseases. Serial prediagnostic serum samples and comprehensive data accessible over three generations provide possibilities for unique study settings.

It is an open access resource that is internationally available and ESIS provide tailored, efficient services with the logistics surrounding access. A description of our services is provided here.

As highly valuable and internationally unique research material the FMC has made substantial contributions to the scientific literature in terms of our understanding of the associations of various biomarkers with the later health of the mother and child.

A detailed description of the biobank, including examples on how it has been used for research is provided in: Lehtinen M, Surcel HM, Natunen K, Pukkala E, Dillner J. Cancer Registry follow-up for 17 million person-years of a nationwide maternity cohort. Cancer Med. 2017 Dec;6(12):3060-3064. doi: 10.1002/cam4.1222

The estimated number of samples available from women who have later developed cancer during follow-up is shown here.

The estimated number of samples available from index pregnancies where the babies later developed cancer are shown here.