Demographics of FMC

  • FMC contains around 2 M samples of 950 000 women.
    • Mean age of all pregnant women at the time of sample donation  is 28-31 years
    • The women represent age cohorts born between 1940 and 1998
    • Optimal coverage is in the age cohorts born between 1960 and 1983 (62-86%)
    • Coverage of all pregnancies is >90%
    • Median number of samples is 2 (min 1, max 24)
    • Median number of previous births is 1 (minimum 0, maximum 19)
    • Number of samples:
      • one in 17.1 % of the women
      • two in 30,8 % of the women
      • > 3 in 8,1 % of the women
  • Serum samples are stored as one aliquot at -25°C in a single storage place.
  • Virtually all (>99%) of the samples contain at least 2 mls of sera.

In 2016 altogether 100 000 samples of women born in 1984 or later were included in the FMC offering an opportunity for over-generational analyses of biomarkers of interest for a subgroup of subjects with mothers and their daughters.

FMC database includes:

  • Mother’s personal identification number (PID)
  • Name
  • Date of sampling
  • Due date
  • Number of previous pregnancies and deliveries
  • Result of infection screening
  • Postal code of the maternity clinic

Collection of a project specific database including FMC data and register based health data can be implemented using a unique personal identification number (PID) which was assigned to each resident in Finland since 1971.

When possible, ESIS representing Biobank Borealis will conduct the collection of the project specific dataset and organize the laboratory assays on the behalf of the researcher. The final project specific database which is available to the researcher is free of identifiable data.